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Wonder Brett’s Brain Candy: Strain Review

Wonder Brett’s Brain Candy: Strain Review

Wonder Brett’s Brain Candy: Strain Review


There are two hybrid strains of similar name – Brain Candy. One is a cross between The Loops, White Widow, and Northern Lights, and offers an indica dominant experience. However, better known is Wonder Brett’s Brain Candy – another indica dominant hybrid, though this version is bred from the strains Bubble Gum and Sugar Cookies for a relaxing and heady experience.

Wonder Brett’s Brain Candy originated in L.A., and it offers a 50 percent indica, 50 percent sativa, perfectly balanced hybrid strain that provides fast acting relief to many conditions.

What You Should Expect

Brain Candy follows the indica linage when it comes to looks as it offers small and compact buds that break out well, especially when ground up. The flowers and buds are a pale forest green, with wiry and thick amber colored hairs strewn throughout. A thick layer of puffy white trichomes top off the dense buds, leaving sticky crystals behind in any bag, jar or other form of storage container.

When your sweet tooth has the best of you Brain Candy is an excellent strain to turn to as it offers a sweet and minty aroma and flavor. Upon first smelling the bud, you will be greeted with sweet berries and an earthy aroma, followed by vanilla and skunky undertones. When smoked the flavor seems sweet, almost sugary, like bubble gum or cotton candy, with an almost minty after taste.

With an average THC level of 23 percent, this strain is certainly a potent one that offers some of the best effects from both the sativa and indica parentage. This is a connoisseur’s strain that should be used by experienced cannabis consumers, or in small doses by new patients.

Medical Benefits

One of the biggest benefits of Wonder Brett’s Brain Candy is the fact that it is incredibly fast-acting – you start to feel the stress fall away, replaced by a sense of calm and relax almost as soon as you finish your first exhale. This incredibly potent medicine provides a “spacey” feeling at first, though in small enough doses it can be used to help you focus on a specific task without the overwhelming, paralyzing stress often felt by those with anxiety and depression.

The genetics of this strain allow it to be beneficial as a day time or evening strain, depending on how much you consume in a short time span. It is found to be extremely beneficial to patients with debilitating headaches and migraines, chronic depression, overwhelming stress or anxiety, and chronic pain. It can also be useful for those with regular aches and pains, and those associated with short-term injury.