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4 Easy New Year’s Resolutions For The Stoner Connoisseur

4 Easy New Year’s Resolutions For The Stoner Connoisseur


It’s the end of December, which means it’s time for New Year’s Resolutions. Most people choose a boring one, like losing weight, eating healthier, or giving up booze for January. If you need help with any of those resolutions, we can’t help and you should check another website.

But if you’re someone who smokes or otherwise ingests a fair amount of marijuana and you’re looking for some easy New Year’s Resolutions, you’re in the right place.

Pick A Regular Smoking Schedule

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While there’s nothing wrong, per se, with smoking weed every day, you’re probably better off having occasional sober stretches. To help you do so, we suggest keeping a regular calendar of smoking days.


One good option is smoking only on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays because it helps you get through the weekends and work week while keeping you fresh for the worst days (Monday and Wednesday). You could also give yourself three smoking days a week; once they’re up, you have to wait until the next Monday before sparking up again.

Switch To A Vaporizer

While the science on vaporizers isn’t 100% conclusive, many believe the vapor they produce is a healthier alternative to smoke. So why not err on the side of probable health benefits and invest in a decent vape. We have friends who argue they don’t hit as hard or provide as strong a high, but we feel otherwise, especially if you use a premium model like a Pax.R

Smoke Before The Gym

What better way to get fit in the New Year than by getting a little blazed first. We, of course, advocate safety first, so don’t take a huge gravity bong rip before going to bulk up, but a few simple puffs can lead to a mellow high that can really make any workout at least a little tolerable.

Share With A Friend

There’s no better way to start 2019 than with a little bit of bud and a lot of generosity.