Weed Medical Uses Provide Surprising Benefits

Looking to reduce pain, improve your quality of life, and guard against disease? Most wouldn't consider smoking to be the answer, but recent research on weed medical uses indicates that it may be just that:

A Cure for Cancer?

Cancer researchers have made a promising discovery regarding weed medical uses. The California Pacific Medical Center found that the Cannabidiol in marijuana stops the spread of cancerous cells. The original test results only applied to breast cancer cells, but subsequent research found similar effects for prostate and brain cancer. The catch is that much higher levels of Cannabidiol are needed than the amount that smoking weed can provide. Nonetheless, this study is likely to increase public support for legalizing marijuana.

Bracing the Brain

Marijuana mitigates a wide range of psychological disorders, including anxiety, Alzheimer's disease and PTSD. It reduces the incidence of nightmares and may help treat epilepsy, Dravet's Syndrome and other neurological conditions. Weed may also make the brain more resistant to concussions, blunt trauma and strokes.

Preventing Pain

One of the most important weed medical uses is to improve the quality of life of patients' suffering from other diseases. As a drug that reduces pain and nausea, it is ideal for cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy. It also stimulates appetite, which is important for chemo patients, who tend not to eat enough. Marijuana also reduces pain in patients suffering from multiple sclerosis, HIV/AIDS, Leeuwenhoek's disease, Crohn's disease, Parkinson's disease and arthritis.

Mitigating Menstrual Cramps

Marijuana has been used to treat menstrual cramps since at least the nineteenth century. Famously, Queen Victoria's doctor J. R. Reynolds prescribed it for her. Not only does it function as a painkiller, but it also relaxes your body's smooth muscles, which are the most common sources of cramps.

Guarding Against Glaucoma

Glaucoma, a disease that puts pressure on your eyeballs, can damage your vision or even render you blind in some cases. Marijuana, however, reduces pressure within your eyes, countering the effects of glaucoma and slowing your loss of vision.

An Alcoholic's Alternative

Whatever the overall effects of marijuana may be, the drug is widely agreed to be less harmful than alcohol. It can thus serve as a safer alternative for alcoholics who are trying to avoid drinking but don't want to give up on social inebriation. Even people who aren't alcoholics often use the drug as an alternative to alcohol and are healthier as a result.