Information Concerning the Weed Laws in Washington

law-books-1.jpgWashington was the second state in the U.S. to permit the legal use of marijuana for both recreational and medical uses. While this is a great step forward for the community, there are still laws regarding its use. The legalization does not promote any excessively liberal use of the plant, and as a substance that does have effects on its consumers, there are still boundaries regarding its use among the public. Weed laws in Washington contain important information that all residents ought to know, regardless of whether they consume cannabis.

Washington law states that people with a medical need for marijuana are permitted to both possess and consume the product, provided that they are granted a medical marijuana card by a doctor. People with a card are instructed to purchase weed as shops that sell marijuana specifically for medical use, not recreational use.

That said, Washington still permits cannabis for recreational use as well. The legal perimeters of recreational use prohibit anyone under 21 years of age from consuming cannabis. Specific shops are set up for people to buy marijuana products for purely personal reasons not related to its medical benefits. Shops that sell cannabis for these purposes must meet all necessary license qualifications and stick with the application process in order to legally sell marijuana and any marijuana-based goods.

The above information only scratches the surface of the many nuances of marijuana laws. For more information regarding the weed laws in Washington, visit Weed Depot at or call (480) 385-3800 today.