Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

A Lot More People Are Asking "Should Marijuana Be Legalized" These Days


You have to realize that the question of whether marijuana would be legalized or not revolves around of when, and not if.   Administrators within a given state have to set up a good framework where patients can use their prescription safely, and states can still collect revenue from recreational users.  The key is making sure that you do not see a lot of sales within the black market.  The black market is where things will not be regulated; you want to make sure kids do not get their hands on this stuff.  You will have anti-drug activists claiming that children with underdeveloped brains smoking pot, particularly if there ends up being a large black market in a given area. 


The application process for marijuana Dispensaries is going to make a difference in how active investors are going to be.  If investors get the feeling that the application process will take too long in a given state, they may not even push for legalization in that state. 

Tax Revenue

There is some dispute over how much tax revenue the legalization of marijuana for recreational use actually brought in.  Most sources that you will find have the amount of tax revenue at around 44 to 50 million.  The millions of dollars that can be brought into the state is something that can be a real shot in the arm for any community, especially those communities that are dealing with infrastructure issues.  If you see a lot of bridges that are falling apart in your community, buses struggling to get through an intersection, then the question of "Should marijuana be legalized?"  may, in fact, be part of the overall solution.  Legislators will also keep a close eye on the process in Alaska, where an individual can legally possess as many as six marijuana plants for recreational use. 


The individual does have to be 21 years of age, this means that pot is being treated in a similar fashion to the way alcohol is regulated in Alaska.  If Alaska sees a significant up tick in their tax revenue as well, you will begin to see more states ask should marijuana be legalized? Many activists in a state like Alaska may be seeking to diverse the state's economy, and not only will you see more small businesses popping up around the state because of this. But you will also see medical professionals coming to the state to make sure the legalization process goes smoothly. 

Health Issues

The transition will go smoothly as long as the state shows compassion and uses reason during the legalization of marijuana, even if you are just talking about small amounts of the drug.  You will hear a lot of the local Chamber of Commerce leaders in a given state, at least privately giving their support to the legalization of pot.  Vision and long term pain issues can be dealt with in an easier fashion if you find that someone is using pot for these health issues.  You are starting to see individual members of the American Medical Association begin to ask, should marijuana be legalized?  Once you have main stream organizations embracing the truth, we will start to see more of the general public accepting pro-legalization arguments. 


The marketing industry also should be aware of the boost that the legalization movement will give them.  A good marketing team will know what to do with this interesting theme. If you are looking for a job, it will be a bad idea to work for a marketing company that is certainly answering the question should marijuana be legalized?