Health Problems That Can Be Treated with Medicinal Marijuana

People used to think that marijuana was a terrible drug that would cause severe health problems and addiction, but time and science have proven this to be false. Marijuana is a naturally growing plant that has so many medical benefits for people who are suffering from a number of different health problems. It can help people who suffer from migraines and even those with certain forms of cancer. The cancer curing aspects of medicinal marijuana are some of its most important health benefits.

Marijuana is not a miracle cancer cure, as cancer is a complex medical condition that presents itself in different forms. Tumors are cancerous, but there are forms of cancer that affect the blood and bone marrow in the body, which is much harder to treat. Thousands of patients have been using an extremely concentrated form of medicinal marijuana, commonly known as Rick Simpson Oil, to cure various forms of cancer. Some of the most impressive cases of diminished tumors have been in patients suffering from brain cancer. There are actually patients who refused chemotherapy and chose to treat themselves with RSO, as well as natural remedies like acupuncture and organic food. Even though some doctors have a hard time understanding what is going on, the CAT scan images will not lie, for a shrinking tumor is a shrinking tumor.

Apart from the highly concentrated forms of medicinal marijuana, there is also the classic form that everybody knows. The buds of the plant can be used as medicine for those who suffer from insomnia, as certain strains of marijuana have a sleepy effect. It can also be used to help those who are suffering from minor pains like knee and back pain. The other options is opiates and other prescription pills, which can actually become physically addictive and cause a number of other negative side-effects.

One of the reasons that so many people enjoy marijuana is because particular strains will actually give you a boost of energy just like coffee. A strong Sativa dominant strain in the morning will give you a clean boost of energy that doesn't come with a crash at lunch time. A medicinal marijuana dispensary will be able to point you to the medicine that best fits your needs if you tell them what you are looking for.

People who are suffering from AIDS and other medical problems that suppress appetite can greatly benefit from medicinal marijuana. AIDS patients are known to skip meals and even vomit in the later stages of the disease, and marijuana can help them combat that nausea. Many AIDS patients report that they truly appreciate being able to relax and enjoy a meal after a joint.

Marijuana is a plant that benefits humans in so many ways. It is not a miracle that can cure any health condition out there, but it can replace many medications for people suffering from simple problems. If you are taking headache medication twice a day, you might want to check into medicinal marijuana if your state allows it. You can quit taking those pills and replace them with something natural and healthy.