The Facts about Medicinal Marijuana

As medicinal marijuana continues to gain widespread support across the United States, its many benefits are often obscured by unsubstantiated claims that it is dangerous or has limited health benefits. This is simply not the case, as there are a number of uses for medicinal marijuana that represent an opportunity for patients to combat a variety of illnesses. Not only that, but many of the supposed "dangers" are also totally overstated or are simply complete fabrications.

The Primary Cannabinoids in Marijuana Kill Cancer Cells...

The primary cannabinoids in medical marijuana—THC and CBD—have been found to eradicate cancerous cells in the brain while leaving the healthy brain tissue unharmed. This data comes from research out of Spain, in which researchers applied THC to cancerous brain tissue, discovering that the THC killed the cancerous cells. It is well known that marijuana helps cancer patients through pain relief and appetite stimulation, but these recent studies indicate that it can also help in the fight against cancer as well.

...And Promote the Growth of Brain Cells

While so many of us were raised thinking that marijuana kills brain cells, the exact opposite was recently proven true in a 2005 study. The researchers were able to demonstrate that cannabinoids actually promoted neurogenesis in a person's brain, most prominently the hippocampus, which affects memory and mood. The study also indicated other health benefits, including reductions in the feelings of anxiety and depression.

There Is No Credible Evidence That Smoking Marijuana Causes Lung Damage

Most people associate smoking with lung damage, but this is not true with marijuana. A study out of UCLA indicated that not only was there no association between smoking marijuana and lung damage, but there was also the strong possibility that marijuana had some protective benefits for the lungs. Even if lung damage were a possibility, it is possible for marijuana to be delivered through edibles that do not require the user to inhale any smoke. Clearly, the medicinal marijuana benefits are great, which is why so many people are now supporting legislation for legalization. For more information about medicinal strains, visit Weed Depot at or call (480) 385-3800 today.