What to Know About Medical Marijuana Doctors

medical marijuana doctorsThe change in attitude toward medical marijuana in the United States has greatly increased the number of doctors willing to give patients a prescription or recommendation for the drug. Once, getting a marijuana prescription meant going to one of only a handful of sympathetic physicians in the area, ones who earned an unofficial reputation as medical marijuana doctors. Today, in states that have legalized medical cannabis, many patients don't have to go out of their way to get the prescription they need. An increasing number of family doctors and general practitioners have begun issuing medicinal marijuana prescriptions. Here is how you can go about getting one in your area.

Find Out Who Can Issue a Prescription

In most states, any doctor is able to prescribe or recommend marijuana. A handful of jurisdictions, however, require the doctor to be certified. Even if you must visit a special, licensed physician, you can still discuss the matter with your primary doctor and possibly get a referral.

Talk with a Doctor

Be prepared to discuss your symptoms with your doctor before being issued a prescription. Many primary care doctors may be hesitant to being up marijuana as an alternative, so you might have to broach the subject yourself.

Receive a Prescription or Recommendation

In some states, a written prescription is acceptable for obtaining a license to purchase marijuana. In other places the doctor must write a letter of recommendation in order for the prescription to be considered. In some states, the recommendation alone is enough to gain access to dispensaries, while a state-issued card is required in other areas.

Apply and Get Approved for a Card

Send your letter of recommendation, along with any other required materials, to your state agency. After this application has been approved, a card will be issued to you.

The laws surrounding medical marijuana physicians vary from state to state, so it is a good idea to read up on the specifics for your area before making an appointment with a doctor. To find a medical marijuana doctor in your area, visit Weed Depot at weeddepot.com or call (480) 385-3800 today.