Medical Marijuana Benefits for Chemotherapy Patients

medical marijuana benefitsOne of the first studies that analyzed medical marijuana benefits measured marijuana's effect on patients undergoing chemotherapy. The results of this study came as a surprise to many in the medical community. It was discovered that medical marijuana had multiple benefits for chemo patients, not only treating some of the debilitating side effects of chemotherapy, but also potentially making the treatment itself more effective.

Treating Physical Symptoms

One of the major medical marijuana benefits for chemo patients is the alleviation of some of the often debilitating physical symptoms. Medical cannabis has been shown to help treat nausea, decreased appetite, and chronic aches and pains that result from chemotherapy, which patients often complain about. This allows patients to eat, sleep, and relax, all of which are important to their overall well-being.

Treating Mental Symptoms

In many patients, marijuana also helps alleviate the mental symptoms associated with cancer and chemotherapy. Many people undergoing chemo report a high level of anxiety and depression, both of which can have a negative impact on their overall recovery. By treating mental symptoms, patients are able to get in the right head space to make it through long chemo sessions.

Increasing Overall Effectiveness

One study has suggested that marijuana also increases the overall effectiveness of chemotherapy, allowing it to kill more cancer cells while leaving regular cells unharmed. This means that, in addition to treating side effects, medical cannabis also actively treats the cancer itself when used together with chemotherapy.

Marijuana and Lung Cancer

Several studies have shown that smoking marijuana does not cause or significantly exacerbate lung cancer. Those undergoing chemo for lung tumors, however, might find smoking uncomfortable. There are several different ways to ingest cannabis in these cases, including eating it and breathing in vapor.

Today, thousands of patients make use of medical cannabis to alleviate their symptoms. Consult a doctor to see if you can make use of the many medicinal marijuana benefits in your treatment. For more information about the benefits of medical marijuana, visit Weed Depot at or call (480) 385-3800 today.