Marijuana Edibles

Not all marijuana edibles are created equally. Some are sweet and some are salty. Some are small while others are grand in size. There are those meant to make a big impact while others will put you right to sleep.  

Before you dig into your delicious doja-infused dishes, make sure you have all of your ducks in a row.

  • Safety First
    Even the most seasoned of smokers can be taken aback by the punch packed by marijuana edibles. Don't fill your belly with bud-filled brownies before you pay heed to the warnings on the package so you don't put yourself into a much more mellow mood than you were planning on. Abide by the serving size listed on the packaging, and don't go overboard. Chances are, if you aren't feeling the effects of your marijuana edibles shortly, you just need to be patient for a little while longer. Overzealous consumption can make a positive experience less than stellar.
  • Your Just Desserts
    Marijuana edibles are good alone, but bear in mind that they don't always mix well with a night of drinking.  If you're planning on eating a few pot brownies, put the beer down.  The effects of smoking are significantly different than when you consume edibles.  As such, when you mix alcohol and edibles, you're magnifying the buzz, which can result in a bad case of the spins.
  • Everything in Moderation
    To prevent yourself from becoming too stoned (which can easily happen before you even realize it), keep some marijuana-free munchies on hand, too. When you alternate between the fun food and the marijuana-free snacks, you'll satisfy your cravings without over indulging. For example, if you have some pot brownies on hand, make sure you have some regular ones, too. As your cravings for more of the sweet stuff kick in, switch over to the pot-free option.
  • Life Needs Labels
    Marijuana edibles may be great for you, but they are not meant for everybody. Don't keep these infused foods just lying around, and make sure they are clearly labeled so no one accidentally gets stoned in the process of taste-testing your tempting treats.
  • Get Creative
    Pot brownies are a tried and true standby when you want to get stoned with some sweet stuff, but these days, the options for making marijuana munchies are virtually endless.

One of the easiest go-to cannabis creations is cannabutter.  It's pretty easy to make, and it can go in everything from super sweet treats to savory stuff, transforming the bland and boring into marvelous marijuana-infused morsels. A true potpie is a great option for those chilly evenings. Sugary snacks are always a hit, and a little bit of cannabis can go a long way. Give cannabis crispy treats a try or create your own flavored ganja goo balls with some every day ingredients.

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