Facts about Marijuana Worth Knowing

The United States has made great strides in the past few years toward becoming more progressive with its views on marijuana, but there is still a lot of inaccurate information and misconceptions skewing much of the public’s opinion about this plant. Here are a couple of important facts about marijuana that everyone should know.

Total Marijuana Deaths Worldwide: 0

At this current time, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration classifies marijuana as a Schedule I drug—its most dangerous classification. It is therefore easy to assume that marijuana has surely caused numerous deaths. Yet to date, not a single verifiable death has ever occurred purely from the use of marijuana.

This is an especially significant finding when comparing marijuana with two fully legal products—alcohol and cigarettes. The consumption of alcohol alone produces nearly 2.5 million deaths worldwide annually, while cigarette use is believed to cause upwards of nearly half a million deaths each year around the world.

More Facts about Marijuana

According to a 2010 study performed by Cato, legalizing marijuana at the federal level in the United States would generate upwards of $8.7 billion dollars in federal and state tax revenue every year. As lawmakers continue to struggle with balancing the budget year after year, legalizing marijuana seems like one obvious solution that would bring immediate revenue in. Skeptics believe that legalizing marijuana will lead to increased crime, but at this time, there are no such studies or case histories to suggest such a correlation is likely. For more information on medical and legal marijuana, visit Weed Depot at weeddepot.com or call (480) 385-3800 today.