Choosing the Right Strain for Your Pain

When choosing the right strain for your pain with medical marijuana, it is usually most effective to choose a hybrid strain, which has more properties for pain relief than the individual strains alone.

Indica vs. Sativa

Heavy Indica, choose the right strain for your pain

The two main groups of hybrids are Indica-Sativa and Sativa-Indica. These hybrids have been created by removing properties of the strains that are not desirable to treat the condition and by maximizing the properties of the strain that will benefit the patient. When choosing the right strain for your pain, it is best to choose a hybrid that is Indica dominant, which is a much more efficient pain reliever and than the sativa component of the strain. It helps to keep the patients energy level up and their appetite healthy, in addition to increasing relaxation.

To help determine which strains are best for you, you should consult with your caregiver or medical marijuana supplier. When you meet with them, you will need to inform them of what condition or ailment you are treating, as well as the specific symptoms and problems you are having that you would like to be alleviated. While medical marijuana is most associated with treatment for HIV and Cancer, it is also found to be helpful in alleviating the pain and symptoms associated with Lupus, Epilesy, Muscular Dystrophy, Fibromyalgia, Parkinsons, MS, arthritis, back pain, insomnia, depression, joint pain, migraines, Glaucoma and many other physical ailments.

The degrees of indica and sativa have been charted into levels based on what type of relief the patient is seeking. They are categorized as follows. 

  • Heavy Indica is used for a heavy and intense head effect with long lasting pain relief, specifically for conditions that require sleep, relaxation and pain relief. Some of these strains include Afghani Goo, MK Ultra and Hash.
  • Clear Indica is used to get a clear functioning head, as well as long lasting physical relief, when the condition requires pain relief during the day time. Some strains in this category include Snow Cap, Blackberry Kush, Northern Lights and Shiva.
  • Heavy Hybrid is used for heavier physical and mental balance and is used for conditions that require heavy pain relief without getting drowsy. Some strains in this category include Purple Kush, Cotton Candy and Blueberry.
  • Even Hybrid is for those who want to achieve a balance of head and body effects. These include Purple Skunk, Cherry Pie and Silver Haze.
  • Clear Hybrid is used for a balance of body and mind, but with more of an emphasis on clarity and is used by patients who need more help focusing and clearing their mind. Some types of this include Cali-O, White Widow, AK-47, and Blue Dream.
  • Heavy Sativa is used for an uplifting body experience with strong mental and physical clarity and relief. This is for patients looking for an intense physical and mental calmness and clarity. It includes strains such as, Skunk #1, Cheese and OG Kush.
  • Clear Sativa is created for an uplifting clear effect, often used by patients who want something easy to function on that provides them with a clear head. Types of this strain include Strawberry Kush, Sativa and Purple God.

It is important to remember that there is always a bit of trial and error when finding the perfect strain for a patient, so your caregiver may try a couple of options until they find the best strain for you.