What Are the Best Marijuana Strains?

The commercialization of medical cannabis has given a lot of people, who might not otherwise have had access to the benefits of medical marijuana, the chance to get treatment. New patients, however, might find the large selection of marijuana strainsavailable at their local dispensary more than a little overwhelming. Medical cannabis comes in hundreds of different varieties, and while the average dispensary will only carry a few dozen at most, making the choice can still present a challenge.

Keep in mind that different strains are engineered for different medical conditions, so get the opinion of a doctor before making your final choice. These are some of the best marijuana strains that experts regularly agree provide the most benefits.

White Berry

White berry is a great muscle relaxant and general anti-anxiety strain. According to experts, it's also useful for combating insomnia, allowing users to get a restful night's sleep without feeling groggy the next day.


A-train is a useful marijuana strain, good for combating the symptoms of the eye disease glaucoma. It is a hybrid strain with a light taste that combines spicy and fruity flavors, as well as a deep green color.

Dr. Grinspoon

This strain is named after one of the pioneers of medical marijuana research. It has a distinctive pale, almost white color. This strain is long-lasting and very mellow, effective for treating nausea and depression.

Blue Dreams

Blue Dreams is an important marijuana strain because it lacks the sedative qualities of many other strains. It's useful for treating chronic pain while still allowing the user to remain functional during the day.

G-13 Haze

Made by cross-breeding several different marijuana strains, G-13 haze has a fruity, mild flavor and profound positive mental effects. It is useful for treating depression and ADHD.

The best marijuana strains may not be available at every dispensary. Ask employees to see if they have something similar, or a local specialty that you might want to try. For more information about marijuana strains, visit Weed Depot at weeddepot.com or call (480) 385-3800 today.